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Visions of the Possible: Legacies of Philippine Freedom

Felice Prudente Sta Maria

Winner, National Book Award, Book Design, 1998

Book design by BG Y. Hernandez

Visions of the Possible commemorates the centennial of Philippine Independence and the centennial of the establishment of Asia’s first constitutional republic. It celebrates the awakening of a people gradually realizing how to adapt democracy to their changing needs and growing expectations. This book features memorable vignettes, gems of historical findings, rare photographs, treasured family heirlooms, works of art, national treasures, public monuments, key shrines, and other icons of patriotism.

Makati City: Studio 5, 1998

ISBN: 971-913-535-2
317 pages

Vocabulario Tagalog

Francisco De San Antonio, OFM

Edited by Antoon Postma

Winner, National Book Award, Dictionary, 2002

A reconstruction of a manuscript compiled in Laguna sometime before 1620

Quezon City: Pulong: Sources for Philippine Studies, Ateneo de Manila University, 2000

ISBN: 971-893-603-3
285 pages

Vocabulary of the Kapangpangan Language in. Spanish and Dictionary of the Spanish Language in Kapangpangan, Venancio Q. Samson

Venancio Q. Samson

Winner, National Book Award, Citation, 2008


Quezon City: Holy Angel University Press, 2007

519 pages

Voyage in Dry Season

Victor Peñaranda

Winner, National Book Award, Poetry, 1995

This book contains 46 poems in English. In the introduction, the author writes: “Once upon a sigh, I can clearly recall, in a remote / And lonely fishing village the people wept / While they tore down the walls of their schoolhouse / So they could recycle the wood into crude / Coffins / Meant for twelve children who died of a disease, / A sweeping sickness which struck them helpless. / I must hold on to this voice, this choice, and never / Ask forgiveness for traveling in my own land / Where the constant fear is to live unhappily ever after.”

Quezon City: Sipat Publications, 1995

ISBN: 971-887-805-x
79 pages