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U.P. into the 21st Century and Other Essays

Francisco Nemenzo

Winner, National Book Award, Essay, 2000

“This collection of U. P. President Nemenzo’s essays and speeches spans the last two decades or so, a tumultuous period in which Dodong—the educator, political scientist, social critic, and activist—took part. His love of country is equaled only by his commitment to education and his deep-seated belief in the Filipino youth and their ability to make of this country what their elders have either refused or failed to do.”—Maria Serena I. Diokno, U. P. vice president for Academic Affairs, in the introduction

Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 2000

ISBN: 971-542-248-9
126 pages

Unconstitutional Essays

Pacipico A. Agabin

Winner, National Book Award, Law, 1997

The common thread that binds most of the essays here is the unholy connection between law and politics. Unlike love and marriage, politics and law cannot really exist apart from each other, or so the essays in this book imply, and thus it is an attempt to belie the popular notion that “political law” is a contradiction in terms considering that politics cannot be law, and vice-versa.According to the author, all law, especially constitutional law, is political.

Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 1996

ISBN: 971-542-077-X
266 pages

Under the Crescent Moon: Rebellion in Mindanao

Marites Dañguilan Vitug, Glenda M. Gloria

Winner, National Book Award, Journalism, 2000

This book is an exhaustively researched, evenhanded, and briskly written report on the Mindanao that most Filipinos read about everyday but have never really known. It holds great value for scholars and pedestrians alike: a sifted mass of detail that often reads like a political thriller.

Quezon City: Ateneo Center for Social Policy and Public Affairs and Institute for Popular Democracy, 2000

ISBN: 971-916-797-1
327 pages

Unholy Nations: Stories from a Gambling Republic

John Nery

Winner, National Book Award, Journalism, 2003

A collection of eight nonfiction stories and one photo essay by some of the country’s best young journalists, Unholy Nation, explores the changing yet changeless landscape of our gambling republic.

Quezon City: Claretian Communications, 2003

ISBN: 971-501-959-5
157 pages

University Traditions: The Humanities Interviews

Edited by Ramon C. Sunico

Winner, National Book Award, Education, 2006

A collection of interviews with Fr. Catalino G. Arevalo, SJ; Fr. Asandas D. Balchand, SJ; Fr. Miguel A. Bernad, SJ; Dr. Manuel B. Dy Jr.; Fr. Roque J. Ferriols, SJ; Dr. Leovino Ma. Garcia; Dr. Edna Z. Manlapaz; Dr. Ramon C. Reyes; Dr. Soledad S. Reyes; Fr. Joseph L. Roche, SJ; Ms. Concepcion L. Rosales’ and Dr. Benilda S. Santos.

Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Office for Mission and Identity and Organizational Development, 2005

ISBN: 971-042-600-1
353 pages

Utos ng Hari at Iba pang Kuwento

Jun Cruz Reyes

Winner, National Book Award, Fiction, 1981

Also published by University of the Philippines Press in 2002 with ISBN 971-542-360-4

“The dignification of the so-called ‘language of the streetcorner’ in literature is an achievement of the literary movement of the 1970s which concerned itself with giving voice to the grievances and protest of the Filipino masses…. His employment of colloquial Pilipino that borders on slang is not simply an experiment with language. It is also an expression of the author’s political commitment and his effective stylistic for understatement and restraint.”— Bienvenido Lumbera

Quezon City: New Day Publishers, 1981


Uuwi na ang Nanay Kong si Darna

Edgar Samar

Illustrated by Russell Molina

Winner, PBBY Salanga Writer’s Prize, Children’s Book, 2002
Winner, PBBY Illustrator’s Prize, Children’s Book, 2002

Hindi na matiis ni Popoy ang paghihintay! Darating na ang Nanay niya! At kakaiba ang Nanay niya dahil, sabi ni Tatay, siya daw si Darna! Totoo kaya iyon? Kaya ba ang tagal niyang nawala? Kaya ba abala siya? Kaya ba sa larawan lang niya nakikita ang Nanay niya? Ano kaya ang mangyayari sa kanyang pagdating? Ang kuwentong ito ay alay sa mga batang may mga magulang na OFW.

Quezon City: Adarna House, 2002

ISBN: 971-508-161-4 (bp)
971-508-160-6 (np)
32 pages