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Jaime Ongpin the Enigma: A Profile of the Filipino as Manager

Nick Joaquin

Winner, National Book Award, Biography / Autobiography, 1990

This is a biography of Jaime Ongpin, businessman and secretary of Finance under the Corazon Aquino presidency, written after his death at age 49.

Makati CIty: Jaime V. Ongpin Institute of Business and Government, 1990

ISBN: 971-911-841-5
359 pages

Jalan-Jalan: A Journey through EAGA

Marites Vitug

Edited by Paulynn Paredes Sicam

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Social Science, 2000

Two adventurous spirits visit and chronicle their experiences traversing the less traveled places of ancient history—particularly EAGA (East Asean Growth Area), which covers Brunei; Sabah, Labuan,and Sarawak in Malaysia; East, West, and Central Kalimantan; Maluku, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya in Indonesia; and Mindanao and Palawan in the Philippines.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 1998

ISBN: 971-270-760-1
257 pages

Japanese Pioneers in the Northern Philippine Highlands:

Edited by Patricia Okubo Afable

Winner, National Book Award, History, 2004

This book describes a vibrant Japanese community that was fully engaged in northern Luzon economic, cultural, and civic life in the first decades of the 20th century. Because of the great toll on Filipino life and society in the Second World War, most of the stories here came to be shared only within small groups of Japanese-Filipinos. Few of their elders, the pioneers’ children, now remain. Through oral accounts, archival research, and over 300 previously unpublished line drawings and photographs, this volume retrieves for us a portion of Baguio and Cordillera history that has come close to being totally forgotten.

Baguio City: Filipino-Jaoanese FOundation of Northern Luzon, 2004

ISBN: 971-929-730-1
330 pages

Jinx, the Dolphin, and the Deep Sea Mystery

Edgardo Maranan

Illustrated by Girlie Aragon

Winner, National Book Award, Children’s Literature, 2000

The Jinx is a shortened adaptation of the original Filipino children’s story “Si Sabel, Si Sabiong Lumba-Lumba, at ang Hiwaga sa Laot” by Edgardo B. Maranan. It tells the story of a young girl named Sabel and a dolphin, called Sabiong, and how they saved the people of Taliwas from a dangerous sea monster that brought suffering and starvation.

Makati City: Bookmark, 2000

ISBN: 971-569-379-2
32 pages

Jose Honorato Lozano: Filipinas 1847

Jose Maria Cariño

Winner, National Book Award, Art, 2002

This is the first full monograph on painter and 19th-century visual chronicler Jose Honorato Lozano, who is generally known as the major proponent of the unique art form called letras y figuras. The book gathers most of his known and newly discovered artworks and attempts to piece together the very scarce information about his personal life.

Makati City: Ars Mundi Philippinae, 2002

ISBN: 971-569-379-2
32 pages

Journey to Majayjay

Paul De la Gironiere

Winner, National Book Award, Translation, 1982

Translated by E. Aguilar Cruz

Originally published in the city of Nantes in 1862, Journey to Majayjay is the least known of Gironiere’s literary legacies. Says National Historical Institute chair Serafin D. Quiason in the foreword, “but nothing detracts from its value as a historical source in spite of its brevity.”

Manila: The National Historical institute, 1983

ISBN: 971-538-056-5
60 pages

Juan Tamban

Malou Leviste Jacob

Edited by Apolonio Bayani Chua

Winner, National Book Award, Drama, 1984

“Juan Tamban is an intelligent play that is able to relate a boy’s life with what is going on in contemporary Philippine society. It portrays quite unequivocably the shallowness of middle- and upper-class social involvement, the futility of ritualistic conventions that are applied to the issues of poverty and child welfare, of the often exhorbitant loss of justice, the price of competent lawyers which the poor cannot afford even if their very lives are at stake.” —Pablo Tariman, Sunday Times Journal

Quezon City: Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), 1984

ISBN: No Record
157 pages

Judgment Proof: How to Protect Your Property and Business from Lawsuits: Philippine Asset Protection Law

Jim Lopez

Winner, National Book Award, Law, 2003

This book is a panoramic exposition of the various risks that confront your properties and the legal techniques to counteract these threats. Will you survive in the new century? The knowledge you acquire here may help save your financial future.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2003

ISBN: 971-271-237-0
323 pages

Just Add Dirt

Becky Bravo

Winner, National Children's Book Award, Children’s and Young Reader’s Literature, 2010


Quezon City: Adarna House, 2009

ISBN: 978-971-508-340-9

28 pages