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Gabay sa Pagkain ng Gulay-Dagat

Paciente Cordero Jr.

Winner, National Book Award, Cookbooks and Food, 2006

Taong 1985 nang inilathala ng Pambansang Sanggunian ng Pananaliksik ng Pilipinas ang unang labas ng seryeng Breakthrough na nakapokus sa gamit ng halaman-dagat. Naglalaman ito ng pangalan at larawan ng mga piling halaman-dagat at iba’t ibang putaheng mailuluto gamit nito bilang aditibo. Nararapat lamang na ilathalang muli ang bagong bersyon ng Gulay-Dagat bilang suporta sa kampanya ng pamahalaan na makatulong, makahanap, at makapagbigay ng masustansiyang pagkain sa hapag-kainan ng bawat pamilyang Filipino.

Manila: Far Eastern University Publications, 2005

ISBN: 971-678-010-9
80 pages

Gagamba sa Uhay: Kalipunan ng mga Haiku

Rogelio Mangahas

Winner, National Book Award, Best Book of Poems, 2007

Translated in English by Marne L. Kilates

“Minimalist yet mesmerizing, indeed, is this bilingual collection of over 270 haiku in Filipino by Rogelio G. Mangahas with translations into English by Marne L. Kilates. That a superb Tagalog poet would appropriate a foreign form and make much of it with requisite brevity—thence have his jewels re-rendered in another foreign language—is in itself a marvel of transposition and juxtaposition. That the translation bespeaks, as it were, belief rather than betrayal makes this tripartite coalition a triumph of poetic globalization.”—Alfred A. Yuson

Quezon City: C&E Publishing, 2006

ISBN: 971-584-496-0

Gaydar: Essays

Danton Remoto

Winner, PBBY Salanga Writer’s Prize, 2003

Gaydar is a book of writings in English by a gay author. The author presents physical, emotional, intellectual, philosophical and even spiritual tools for coming to terms, and actually being happy, with one’s being gay. Most of the essays have been published in The Manila Times, Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Philippine Star, and Starweek Magazine.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2002

ISBN: 971-271-252-4
196 pages

Geopolitics of the Visible: Essays on Philippine Film Cultures

Edited by Rolando Tolentino

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Art and Architecture, 2002

An anthology of essays about Philippine cinema, which takes off from the post–World War II detente foreign policy of the United States to illuminate issues of transparency of power and power relations. The book seeks to answer questions like: How has the visible image been constructed such that it implicates issues of colonial, imperial, and nationalist representations and discourses? How has geopolitics, the mobilization of a global discourse of capital, liberal democracy, and modernity been rendered in the Philippines?

Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2000

ISBN: 971-550-358-6
384 pages

Ginto: History Wrought in Gold

Ramon Villegas

Winner, National Book Award, Social Science, 2004

Book design by BG Hernandez Photography by Wig Tysmans, BG Hernandez, and Ramon Cantonjos

This book focuses solely on the Gold Collection of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, cataloguing its holdings exhaustively. The book is an attempt at a historical narrative about the Philippines before 1500, drawn from the in-depth study of techniques and designs in Philippine gold artifacts, the few extant primary sources, scattered archeological data, and wide-ranging cultural studies. The Bangko Sentral Gold Collection is part of the national heritage not only because of its material value, but more importantly because it is a legacy from a golden age.

Manila: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, 2004

ISBN: 971-917-859-0
193 pages

Gloria: Ramon Leoncio’s Kapampangan Translation of Huseng Batute’s Verse Novel Lost and Found

Edited by Virgilio Reyes Jr.

Winner, National Book Award, Translation, 2003

Jose Corazon de Jesus, known as Huseng Batute, was considered Hari ng Balagtasan in the 1920s and 1930s. A translation of his Tagalog work Gloria to Kapampangan by Ramon Leoncio in the 1920s was found by Ambassador Reyes in the 1990s, who requested the Holy Angels University Kapampangan Studies Center to collaborate with him on the project. Robby Tantingco and Lino L. Dizon of the Center, along with Lourdes H. Vidal of Ateneo de Manila University and Albina Pecson Fernandez of U.P., helped prepare the manuscript for publication.

Angeles City, Pampanga: Holy Angel University Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies, 2003

ISBN: 971-924-177-1
267 pages

God Was not in the Wind: An Evolutionary Understanding of Popular Religion in the Philippines

Jimmy Belita, CM

Winner, National Book Award, Theology and Religion, 2006

God Was not in the Wind is a modest contribution to a scanty pool of biology-based theological reflections on popular religion in the Philippines. Traditionally, theology uses philosophy as its framework in seeking understanding for the given faith, and recently theology has turned to the social sicences for the same purpose. In this work the biological theory of evolution is the model. The dynamics of popular religion expressed in religious and moral practices is interpreted according to evolutionary principles.

Manila: Adamson University Press, 2006

ISBN: 978-971-935-604
230 pages

Gongs and Bamboo: A Panorama of Philippine Musical Instruments

Jose Maceda

Winner, National Book Award, Music, 1998

This panorama of music instruments starts with older bamboo and other instruments of undetermined age, going on to two types of gongs—flat in Northern Luzon and bossed in the South. These two areas may be viewed as pocket cultures comparable to other pockets in Borneo, Sumatra, other islands in Southeast Asia, and the mountain regions south of, and including, Yunnan province of China, thus placing the music of Luzon and Mindanao in a larger geographical context.

Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 1998

ISBN: 971-542-124-5
326 pages

Great Scott! The New Day William Henry Scott Reader

William Henry Scott

Edited by Bezalie Bautista Uc-Kung

Winner, National Book Award, Editing, 2007

This book’s title is meant to describe the true worth of William Henry Scott. He was really that great in everything he said, and in everything he did, and in everything he wrote. Simple truths, after all, are great truths. And those are all manifest in the pieces compiled here from the 10 of his books published by New Day.

Quezon City: New Day Publishers, 2006

ISBN: 971-101-126-3
646 pages

Guide to Families of Common Flowering Plants in the Philippines

Irma Remo Castro

Winner, National Book Award, Science, 2007

This book is an introduction to the science of plant classification and identification or plant taxonomy. It defines the terms used in describing a flowering plant and its parts, and presents the characteristics of families of common flowering plants in the Philippines. For a clearer understanding, descriptions are supplemented by drawings and photographs.

Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 2006

ISBN: 978-971-542-525-4
199 pages