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Bad Kings

Gilda Cordero Fernando

Winner, National Book Award, Art, 2007

This book consists of four stories: “Horgle and the King’s Soup” for kids eight years old and above; “Horgle and the Spa Mystery” for young kids who know what a spa is; “The King of Paradise” for old kids and repressed adults; and “Trip to Heaven” for adults and really old ones who love the Philippines.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2006

ISBN: 971-271-740-2
72 pages


Teo Antonio

Winner, National Book Award, Poetry, 1992

“Noong Hunyo 1988, naisipan kong bumuo ng isang koleksyon ng tula tungkol sa anumang bagay na nasa ating paligid, ilarawan ang kabuluhan at kahulugan nito. Unang bumugso sa aking diwa na parang bukal ng tubig ang pagsulat ng tulang ‘Bagay-Bagay.’ Maganda ang dating sa pakiramdam ko. May ilang rebisyon din ang ginawa ko at dito umikot ang lahat. Nabuo ang may limang seksyon ng koleksyong Bagay-Bagay noong Oktubre 1991.”—Teo Antonio

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 1992

ISBN: 971-270-248-0
134 pages

Baka Sakali

Rofel Brion

Winner, National Book Award, Poetry, 1989

Para kanino tumutula si Brion? Para sa mga taong gaya niya na mahilig makipag-ugnayan sa mga akda, luma man o bago. Para sa mga kapwa makatang mahilig ding magtrabaho sa pamamagitan ng mga salita. Para sa mga kaibigang nais dalhin sa buhay nila ang kagandahan at kapangitan, o ang kalayaan at kaalipinan, ng panitikan. At para sa marami riyang nagbabaka-sakali.”—Benilda S. Santos, sa paunang salita

Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Office of Research and Publications,, 1989

ISBN: 971-113-079-3
80 pages

Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko?

Kristine Canon

Illustrated by Mariano Ching

Grand Prize, PBBY Writers’ Prize, 2001

What is taking Mommy so long? Almost everybody has gone through the experience of being fetched late at school. In this story, the child refuses to let fear overcome her; instead, her imagination leads her to think of whimsical situations that might explain her mother’s tardiness.

Quezon City: Adarna House, 2000

ISBN: 971-508-120-7

Bakwit: The power of the Displaced, Jose Jowel Canuday

Jose Jowel Canuday

Winner, National Book Award, Social Science, 2010


Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2009

211 pages

Balagtasan: Kasaysayan at Antolohiya

Galileo Zafra

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Literature, 2000

A pioneering collection of balagtasan texts, which although exceptionally popular in the mid-1920s up to the 1930s, have never been seriously studied. The collection also offers the balagtasan as serious literature for study, and provides a scholarly history of the genre.

Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1999

ISBN: 971-550-319-5
281 pages

Baler. Aurora

Edgardo J. Angara, Jesus T. Peralta, Domingo Madulid, Xavier Brisset Carino, Enrique Quezon Avancenia, Manuel L Quezon III, Ricardo T. Jose, Juan Edgado M. Angara

Winner, National Book Award, Travel, 2008


Quezo City: Rural Empowerment Assistance and Development Founadation, 2007

272 pages

Banaag at Sikat: Metakritisismo at Antolohiya

Maria Luisa Torres Reyes

Winner, National Book Award, Isagani R. Cruz Prize for Literary Criticism/Literary History, 2011


Manila: National Commission for Culture and the Arts, 2011

327 pages

Banana Heart Summer

Merlinda Bobis

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, English Literature, 2004

The myth of the banana heart inspires 12-year-old Nenita. She will appease her family’s hunger and win her mother’s love. As she cooks and eats, or dreams of cooking and eating, other love stories unfold in her street, lying between a volcano and a church. It is the hottest summer in the 1960s, in her small town reeling with the songs of Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, and the Beatles.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2005

ISBN: 971-271-731-3
253 pages

Banyaga: A Song of War

Charlson Ong

Winner, National Book Award, Fiction in a Foreign Language, 2007

“Banyaga is the latest of Charlson Ong’s works, a clearly polished window to the lives of contemporary Chinese Filipinos—their plight from the distressed homeland to this country where they made their homes. Charlson’s characters are drawn with flair and candor as they cope with the conflict of tradition and modernity and the anxieties of urban living. The story goes back to the 1896 Revolution, to the Japanese Occupation, the New Society’s Byzantine maze, onto the kidnapping and other forms of mayhem which Manilans are familiar with.” —F. Sionil Jose, National Artist for Literature

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2009

ISBN: 978-971-271-815-1
2006 pages

Barako the Big Bean

Chit Juan, Alejandro Mojica

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Trade Book, 2006

Barako the Big Bean contains insights into the local coffee industry that coffee drinkers as well as non-drinkers will find interesting.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2005

ISBN: 971-271-717-8
114 pages

Barangay: Sixteenth-Century Philippine Culture and Society

William Henry Scott

Winner, National Book Award, History, 1994

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award for Social Science, 1998

This book paints a picture of pre-Hispanic Philippine life, and derives largely from a comprehensive analysis of early Philippine language lexicons. An attempt to separate myth from historical fact about the pre-Spanish Filipino.

Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1994

ISBN: 971-550-135-4
315 pages

Basic English for College

Emy Pascasio, Lourdes Dalupan, Apricinia Fernandez, Carol Nuñez, Jennifer Que

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Textbook, 1998

This book contains selected texts that provide rich and interesting materials relevant to the college classroom. The primary aim of the book is to develop the student’s academic language skills necessary in pursuing college studies. Academic language is often complex, requiring manipulation of difficult concepts, especially in the content subjects. Moreover, it is both decontextualized and high in cognitive complexity. College students should therefore be equipped with language-learning strategies to improve their listening and reading comprehension, as well as their ability to compose effective paragraphs.

Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1997

ISBN: 971-550-258-X
238 pages

Bayan-Bayanan at Iba pang Dula

Bienvenido Noriega Jr.

Winner, National Book Award, Drama, 1982

The book contains: Ang mga Propesyonal; WIS (Walang Ibig Sabihin); Isang Komedya at Ilang Katha; Takas (Isang Kathang Isip); Juan Luna.

Manila: National Book Store, 1982

ISBN: No Record
319 pages

Bearers of Benevolence: The Thomasites and Public Education in the Philippines

Edited by Mary Racelis, Judy Celine Ick

Winner, National Book Award, History, 2001

An anthology of recollections, eyewitness accounts, and official documents from soldier-teachers, authentic Thomasites, government bureaucrats, and Filipino students whose lives changed when a wide-scale public education system was created as part of the American policy of benevolent assimilation.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2001

ISBN: 971-271-144-7
341 pages

Beast, the Harlot, and the Lamb: Faith Confronts Systemic Evil

Christina Astorga

Winner, National Book Award, Theology, 1998

\"A biblical exegesis and theological reflection based on the book of Revelations and other biblical books. The author exposes the systematic evil of a totalitarian state and draws (the readers) into the continuing dilemma of the sword (revolution) or the cross (nonviolence).”—Daniel J. Harrington, SJ

Quezon City: New Day Publishers, 1998

ISBN: 971-101-000-3
120 pages

Beginnings of the Filipino Dominicans: A Critical Inquiry into the Late Emergence of Native Dominicans in the Philippines and Their Attempt at Self-Government

Rolando De la Rosa

Winner, National Book Award, History, 1991

“The ‘movement’ or master plan to establish a Philippine Dominican Province was threshed out in Manila and Quezon City during the late 1960s. Many people, both Filipino and foreign, were very pessimistic about any successful outcome of the movement. But the Filipino Dominicans, with full confidence in Divine Providence, spared no effort nor left any stone unturned to have their own Dominican Province…. This is an important book not only for the history of the Dominican order, but also for the history of the Philippine church as a whole.” —John N. Schumacher, SJ, Professor of History, Ateneo de Manila University

Manila: University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, 1996

ISBN: 971-506-036-6
306 pages

Being Filipino

Gilda Cordero-Fernando

Winner, National Book Award, Anthology, 1981

This book is a collection of essays on roles played according to the Filipino character: mother, father, child, adolescent, wife, husband, lover, mistress, gay, lesbian, ex-wife, ex-husband, child of separation, old maid, widow, and widower. The authors include Fernando N. Zialcita, Lourdes V. Lapuz, Carmen Enrile Santiago, Virgilio S. Almario, Alex Gilandas, Mary Racelis Hollnsteiner, Doreen G. Fernandez, Philip Waite, Arlene P. Babst, Sylvia Mendez Ventura, Nicanor G. Tiongson, Betty B. Brillantes, Rosalinda S. Ladaw, and Lorna Kalaw Tirol.

Manila: Gilda Cordero Fernando Books, 1981

ISBN: No Record
159 pages


Alfred Yuson, Cid Reyes

Winner, Manila Critics Circle Members’ Award, 2003

Widely known as “Bencab,” Filipino artist Benedicto Cabrera occupies a secure and permanent place in the history of contemporary Philippine art. Premised on the strength of draftsmanship and driven by images that have struck emotional chords in the national consciousness, his art possesses that rare quality: an authentic kinship between artist and audience.

Manila: Mantes Publishing, 2002

ISBN: 971-923-400-8
288 pages

Beneath Philippine Seas

Robert Yin

Winner, National Book Award, Art, 1997

The book shows off the author’s 150 best shots of the Philippines’ beautiful and rich undersea life.

Makati City: Bookmark, 1997

ISBN: 971-569-243-5
135 pages

Best of A. Lipin: Cartoon Strips, 1985–2000

Jess Abrera

Winner, National Book Award, Cartoons, 2000

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2000

The book showcases Abrera’s trademark cartooning style and his insightful wit, often depicting with wry humor the stories behind the political scene. The book is, in effect, a funny look at our recent political history, featuring the unmistakable likenesses of the most memorable and notorious public figures from 1985 to 2000.

Pasig City: Inquirer Books, 2000

ISBN: 971-271-051-7
118 pages

Best of Food Magazine

Edited by Norma Olizon-Chikiamco

Winner, National Book Award, Cookbooks and Food, 2001

The Best of Food Magazine Edited by Norma Olizon-Chikiamco Winner, National Book Award for Cookbook and Food, 2001 A compilation of the best recipes which have appeared in Food Magazine from 1995 to 2000, this cookbook offers mouthwatering recipes, from the simple to the complex, from the rustic to the elegant. The book contains 200 favorite recipes for Filipino and international dishes: appetizers, salads, soups, meat, pasta and rice, vegetables and beans, and desserts and pastries.

Pasig City: ABS-CBN Publishing Company, 2001

ISBN: 971-816-107-4
166 pages

Best of Lola Basyang: Timeless Tales for the Filipino Family

Severino Reyes

Edited by Bienvenido Lumbera
Illustrated by Albert Gamos

Winner, National Book Award, Anthology, 1997

Translated by Gilda Cordero-Fernando Winner, Gintong Aklat Award for Children’s and Young Readers’ Literature, 1998 Special Mention, “The White Ravens Catalog,” International Youth Library, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, 2000

Severino Reyes wrote more than 400 stories under the pen name Lola Basyang. Tahanan Books has gathered together a literary dream team to produce this landmark collection of 12 tales. Poet and literary critic Bienvenido Lumbera sifted through hundreds of manuscripts to select the best of Reyes’s tales. Acclaimed author and publisher Gilda Corder-Fernando translated the text into English, and renowned children’s book illustrator Albert Gamos rendered over 30 unforgettable illustrations.

Makati City: Tahanan Books for Young Readers, 1997

ISBN: 971-630-034-4
244 pages

Best Philippine Short Stories of the Twentieth Century

Edited by Isagani Cruz

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Literature, 2002

The modern form of the short story is magnificently showcased in this anthology of 50 selections written in English by Filipinos in the last century. Edited by literary critic Isagani R. Cruz, the selections span from 1925 to 1998. Twenty-five men and 25 women writers are represented here. Their stories depict a vast gamut of human experience and emotions that, when taken collectively, produce a stunning portrait of Philippine life and society.

Makati City: Tahanan Books for Young Readers, 2001

ISBN: 971-630-126-X
730 pages

Betrayals of the Public Trust: Investigative Reports on Corruption

Edited by Sheila Coronel

Winner, National Book Award, Journalism, 2000

A compilation of Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism reports on corruption published between 1990 and 2000. During that period, the integrity of democratic institutions was challenged by charges of corruption and malfeasance. Virtually no office was spared.

Quezon City: Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, 2000

ISBN: 971-868-627-4,
306 pages

Between the Centuries

Sylvia Mayuga

Winner, National Book Award, Essay, 2004

This is an anthology of Sylvia L. Mayuga’s columns, articles, and book and art reviews, most of them published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer from the 1990s to 2004. Alternately lyrical and polemic, her subjects cut across the spectrum of today’s urgent concerns—environmental and economic crisis, nuclear temptation and religious fundamentalism, Catholic sociology and indigenous spirituality, Philippine tribal epics, and the revival of loom-weaving. This book also contains two mini-biographies—of a human-rights activist and of a visual artist.

Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 2004

ISBN: 971-542-421-X
340 pages

Beyond Life Sentences

Eileen Tabios

Winner, National Book Award, Poetry, 1998

A remarkable collection of poetry by the New York–based poet Tabios. The author, according to writer Nick Carbo, “incorporates the American precision of Marianne Moore, the language of Angela Manalang-Gloria’s blood, and the emotive power of Gabriela Mistral in this astounding collection of poems. A world-class literary debut.”

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 1998

ISBN: 971-270-687-7
152 pages

Beyond the Great Wall: A Family Journal

Banaue Miclat, Maningning Miclat, Alma Miclat, Mario Miclat

Winner, National Book Award, Biography / Autobiography, 2007

“For 15 years, my family of native Filipinos lived in the shadows of the Great Wall. From 1971 to 1986, we experienced the Middle Kingdom in depth and breadth. We made regular sojourns to different places, many of which were restricted not only to foreigners but also to the ordinary Chinese. We were privileged to see a world much bigger than China itself. It was the world beyond the Great Wall.”—Mario I. Miclat

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2006

ISBN: 971-271-708-9
224 pages

Beyond the Mainstream: The Films of Nick Deocampo

Nick Deocampo

Edited by Lolita Lacuesta

Winner, National Book Award, Screenplay, 1997

This volume includes Deocampo’s award-winning documentary film scripts, together with production notes and essays on short filmmaking, as well as photographs.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 1997

ISBN: 971-270-490-4
192 pages


Gina Apostol

Winner, National Book Award, Fiction, 1997

The first novel of Gina Apostol. Says N. V. M. Gonzalez: “Gina Apostol has a gift of the kind for the likes of us eager for language, able to make more vivid than earlier perceived the meaning of our lives.”

Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 1997

ISBN: 971-542-137-7
160 pages

Bikol Blend: Bikolanos and Their History

Norman Owen

Winner, National Book Award, Social Science, 1999

The book is the result of more than 20 years of research on Bikol history, from the isolated Franciscan missions to the effects of the Great Depression. It was an era of enormous change in Philippine society, during which Bikolanos seized the economic opportunities and struggled to overcome the hardships of famine, wars, and depressions.

Quezon City: New Day Publishers, 1999

ISBN: 971-100-551-4
308 pages

Biro-Biro Kung Sanlan

Teo Antonio

Winner, National Book Award, Poetry, 1982

Matagal na nating sinasabi na kailangang pagsilbihin sa mamamayan ang literatura. Maraming implikasyon ang pahayag na ito, at mabigat ang kaakibat na responsibilidad. Sa librong ito ay ipinapakita ni Antonio ang isang paraan ng pagtugon sa nasabing panawagan. Syempre pa, alam natin na kailangang lalong maging sensitibo sa pintig, kulay, lasa, tunog, amoy, at hugis ng paligid; kailangang lalong maging matalas sa pagsusuri sa mga nagyayari. Higit sa lahat, alam natin na kailangan ang ibayong pakikipagkaisa sa nakararaming mamamayan sa pagsusulong ng layuning makabaya’t demokratiko.” —Romulo A. Sandoval, sa paunang salita

Quezon CIty: Tagak Series, 1982

ISBN: No Record
77 pages

Blood Sacrifice

Maria Luisa Cariño

Winner, National Book Award, Poetry, 1997

“Written in an English of singular resonance, of lyric richness informed by history, by legend, by political awareness, and everywhere by a deep perception, the poems of this and her other books bring her background of Philippine culture, its past and present, into the larger world of late twentieth-century concerns. This is a poetry outside of schools, of fads and fashion, highly accomplished and deserving of wide, enthusiastic readership.”—Ralph J. Mills Jr., American poet and recipient of the Carl Sandburg Award for Poetry

Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 1997

ISBN: 971-542-157-1
140 pages

Blue Angel,White Shadow: Novel

Charlson Ong

Winner, National Book Award, Juan C. Laya Prize for Fiction Category, 2011


Manila: University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, 2010

ISBN: 978-971-506-568-9
230 pages

Body English: A Book of Poems

Ricardo De Ungria

Winner, National Book Award, Poetry, 1997

The book contains 55 poems presented by title, in alphabetical order, with all the letters of the English alphabet represented by at least one poem. The poems in this book first appeared in the following publications: New Straits Times (Malaysia), Philippine Graphic Magazine, Philippine Panorama Magazine, Philippines Free Press Magazine, The Evening Paper, Solidarity Magazine, Sunday Inquirer Magazine, and Tenggara Journal of Southeast Asian Literature.

Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 1996

ISBN: 971-542-103-2
137 pages

Bone Tumors in Filipinos: A Collection of 876 Cases from the University of the Philippines Philippine General Hospital

Edward H.M. Wang, Ariel Vergel De Dios

Winner, National Book Award, Medicine, 2008


Makati City: Bookmark, 2012

133 pages

Boss: 5 Case Studies of Local Politics in the Philippines

Sheila Coronel, Marites Dañguilan Vitug, Glenda Gloria, Chay Florentino-Hofileña, Eric Gutierrez, Joel Rocamora

Edited by Jose Lacaba

Winner, National Book Award, Journalism, 1995

This book looks at five areas in the Philippines and examines what is at stake in the struggle for local office. It explains why, despite urbanization and economic growth, local clans, warlords and politicians remain powerful.

Quezon City: Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism and Institute of Popular Democracy, 1995

ISBN: 971-868-608-8
167 pages

Breaking the Silence

Lourdes Reyes Montinola

Winner, National Book Award, Biography / Autobiography, 1996

Breaking the Silence is a story reluctantly told by the author, a survivor of Japanese atrocities during the liberation of Manila. She granted permission to the U.P. Creative Writing Center and the U.P. Press to publish the book to honor over 100,000 men, women, and children, the unsung heroes of the “most barbarous episode of the Pacific War.”

Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 1996

ISBN: 971-542-128-8
124 pages

Breaking Through: The Struggle within the Communist Party of the Philippines

Joel Rocamora

Winner, National Book Award, History, 1994

Rocamora critically examines the history, the struggle within, and the future of the national democratic movement.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 1994

ISBN: 971-270-392-4
232 pages

Brother Hood

Alex Baluyut, Gemma Luz Corotan

Winner, National Book Award, Photojournalism, 1995

“For six months, we immersed ourselves in the world of the Manila Police. We found out something terrible. The police operates with virtual impunity. A person can be taken off the street or be killed like a dog for no reason. His rights are not sacred.”—From Brother Hood

Quezon City: Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, 1995

ISBN: 971-868-607-X
97 pages

Brothers Wu and the Good Luck Eel

Fran Ng

Illustrated by Arnel Mirasol

Winner, National Book Award, Children’s Book, 2000

It’s morning in the Filipino-Chinese enclave of Binondo. Outside the Wu’s home, the vendors hawk their wares. Two brothers, Min Pu and Wei Li, prepare for the day’s adventure. They’re to deliver a basket of hand-sewn slippers to a merchant who lives on the banks of the Pasig River. On their way home, their tiny boat collides with a rock. With no help in sight, the brothers watch helplessly as water gushes in, threatening to sink them and their little vessel. What are they to do?

Makati City: Tahanan Books for Young Readers, 2000

ISBN: 971-630-103-0

Bru-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, Bru-Hi-Hi-Hi-Hi-Hi

Ma. Corazon Remigio

Illustrated by Roland Mechael Ilagan

Grand Prize, PBBY Salanga Writer’s Prize, 2009

Mrs. Magalit is an old lady whose looks and actions all point to the possibility that she is a witch! Because of this, the little girl in our story is afraid of her. She soon realizes, however, that looks do not reveal the true nature of a person.

Quezon City: Adarna House, 1995

ISBN: 971-508-020-0

Bruise: A 2-Tongue Job

Ramon Sunico

Winner, National Book Award, Poetry, 1995

“This collection is composed of new and revised poems after 1989 as well as selections from my first book: The Secret of Graphite: Poems in 2 Tongues.” —Ramon Sunico, in the author’s note

Manila: Indio Ink, 1995

ISBN: 971-916-290-2
117 pages

Brushstrokes from the Heart: The First Five Years [ArtPetron]

Alice Guillermo

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Art, 2007

The book is a collection of mini-reviews on the winning paintings of ArtPetron, a veritable treasure trove of beautiful artworks that showcase the talents and creativity of the youth. The book is also a collection of the touching experiences and unforgettable anecdotes of ArtPetron winners on how they rose above their circumstances to create beautiful masterpieces that speak of hope, of happy memories, and of bright tomorrows. It is a book that assures the reader that truly there is a wonderful future for those who believe.

Makati City: Petron Corporation, 2007

ISBN: 971-920-911-9
183 pages


Ricardo Lee

Winner, National Book Award, Screenplay, 1981

In this book, the screenplay of Brutal is bound with the script of Salome. “Brutal’s triumph stems from Lee’s screenplay, a cunningly conceived interplay of characters, settings, and plotlines that provokes liteary as well as cinematic scrutiny.”—Christian Ma. Guerrero, film critic and teacher

Metro Manila: Cine Gang, 1981

ISBN: No Record
107 pages

Bullets and Roses: The Poetry of Amado V. Hernandez,

Amado Hernandez

Winner, Manila Critics Circle Members’ Award, 2003

Translated and with a critical introduction by Cirilo F. Bautista

This is the definitive book on Amado V. Hernandez, the poet. Bautista’s translation of important poems from Isang Dipang Langit captures the richness and complexity of Hernandez’s texts and conveys to the sensitive reader much of the poetic qualities that distinguish Hernandez from other Tagalog bards. Called variously as “leading poet and writer” (Claro M. Recto), “life and hope of Tagalog poetry” (Jose Corazon de Jesus), and “great Tagalog poet” (Jesus Balmori), Hernandez appeals to a large segment of society with his incisive and intense portrayal of human passion, aspiration, and nobility.

Manila: De La Salle University Press, 2002

ISBN: 971-555-456-3
165 pages