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Earth, Fire, and Air: Essays of a Decade

Sylvia Mayuga

Winner, National Book Award, Essay, 1992

Shortly before the Aquino assassination, the Manila Daily Bulletin’s “four horsewomen of the Apocalypse” were fired in succession. As Philippine history took a dramatic turn, Sylvia L. Mayuga, Arlene Babst, Niñez C. Olivares, and Melinda Q. de Jesus found themselves at the forefront of a struggle for the full restoration of press freedom. Earth, Fire, and Air records the changing of the guards and the events soon after, with the passion of an activist and the sensitivity of a poet.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 1992

ISBN: 971-270-257-X
315 pages


Maria Elena Paterno

Winner, National Book Award, Children’s Literature, 1994

This book takes you on a trip deep inside planet Earth, where you will learn how and why earthquakes happen. It also describes the worst earthquakes in Philippine history, how scientists measure the strength of earthquakes, and gives helpful tips on what to do the next time there’s an earthquake.

Makati City: Tahanan Books for Young Readers, 1994

ISBN: 971-630-032-8
32 pages

Edad Medya: Mga Tula sa Katanghaliang Gulang

Jose Lacaba

Winner, National Book Award, Poetry, 2000

This book is the fourth collection of Filipino poems and translations by Lacaba, award-winning poet, scriptwriter, journalist, editor, and translator. It includes the Internet hit, “Lahat ng Hindi Ko Kailangang Malaman, Natutunan Ko sa mga Pelikulang For Adults Only” (All I Need Not Know I Learned from Adult Movies), and another poem in English, “Prometheus Unbound,” which became controversial during martial law.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2000

ISBN: 971-271-018-1
104 pages

EDSA 2, a Nation in Revolt: A Photographic Journal

Sheila Coronel

Winner, National Book Award, Photojournalism, 2001

In January 2001, Filipinos staged a revolt against then President Joseph Estrada, who was undergoing an impeachment trial for corruption and grand malfeasance. When it looked like the integrity of the trial was being compromised, Filipinos took to the streets again in an uprising that was as much protest as it was celebration. But this time, the protests took place not only in EDSA but in various parts of the country. EDSA 2, unlike its predecessor, was not just a Manila phenomenon; it was a nation in revolt.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2001

ISBN: 971-271-090-4
232 pages

Edukasyong Pampubliko: Ang Karanasan ng Kabite, 1898–1913

Emmanuel Franco Calairo

Winner, National Book Award, Education, 2006

This book is focused on one province, hence its analysis is more detailed and based on the concrete experience of the schools, teachers, students, and society of Cavite. Dr. Calairo considered the Philippine educational system during the time of the Spaniards in order to see how it was different from the new system of the Americans. He scrutinized and analyzed change in the Caviteños brought about by education, especially the use of education as an instrument to bring peace to the province.

Cavite: Cavite Historical Society, 2005

ISBN: 971-925-902-7.

Eight Stories

Alfred Yuson

Winner, Manila Critics Circle Members’ Award, 2003

Eight Stories is the author’s selection of old and new stories, and the perfect introduction to Krip Yuson’s art. It includes two of his most recent stories: the clipped, fast-paced account of sex in the bourse and the lyrical tale set in troubled Mindanao.

Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 2002

ISBN: 971-542-372-8
97 pages

El Filibusterismo: Karugtong ng Noli Me Tangere, Nobelang Filipino

Jose Rizal

Winner, National Book Award, Translation, 1999

Translated by Virgilio S. Almario

The great second novel of Rizal takes off where the first one ends. The Noli’s characters re-emerge in El Filibusterismo, transformed by dramatic changes in their personal lives and sociopolitical environment.

Mandaluyong City: National Centennial Commission, 1998

ISBN: 971-508-114-2
407 pages

El Filibusterismo: Subversion

Jose Rizal

Winner, National Book Award, Translation, 1996

Translated by Ma. Soledad Lacson Locsin

El Filibusterismo takes us to where Noli Me Tangere left off, the continuing struggle of Simoun, the transformed Ibarra. In this new translation, Soledad Lacson-Locsin has restored the original dedication “Al Pueblo Filipino y su Gobierno,” which was not in the printed edition, in order to heighten the change from the softer emotions of the Noli to the anger and passion of the Fili.

Makati City: Bookmark, 1996

ISBN: 971-569-236-2
342 pages

Encyclopedia of Philippine Folk Beliefs and Customs

Edited by Francisco Demetrio, SJ

Winner, National Book Award, Folklore, 1991

This encyclopedia contains the whole panoply of beliefs and customs taken from the lowlanders as well as from ethnic tribes in Mindanao. The first chapter alone contains 2,153 entries of “Actions,” which are humanly important in the lives of people, and which also feature highly in the imagination of the people, and therefore have much symbolism attached to them.

Cagayan de Oro City: Xavier University Press, 1991

ISBN: No Record
701 pages

English Plain and Simple: No-Nonsense Ways to Learn Today’s Global Language

Jose Carillo

Winner, National Book Award, Linguistics, 2004

“As with my daily columns, this book seeks to help nonnative English speakers improve their written English without having to go back to the classroom. The book covers practically all of the language skills that one needs to write English confidently, and I trust that the reader’s reacquaintance with these skills at his own pace will give him a substantially better grasp of the language.”—Jose Carillo

Manila: Manila Times Publishing, 2004

ISBN: 971-928-231-2

Ensayklopidya ng Pilosopiya

Emerita Quito, Romualdo Abulad, Florentino Timbreza, Herminia Reyes

Winner, National Book Award, Philosophy, 1993

Nilalaman ng aklat na ito ang mga sumusunod: diksyunaryo, na kung saan ang mga salitang Ingles ay isinalin; talangalanan, na katutunghayan ng pangalan ng mga pantas, ng kanilang taon ng kapanganakan at taon ng kamatayan, ng kanilang pilosopiya, at ng pamagat ng kanilang mga aklat; mga paksa, na kung saan ang bawat paksang itinuturing na mahalaga ng mga may-akda ay binigyan ng malawak na pagpapaliwanag; at talasawikaan, na kung saan matutunghayan ang mga naging tanyag na winika ng mga pilosopo.

Manila: De La Salle University Press, 1993

ISBN: 971-118-129-0
239 pages

Entertaining with Ease: Etiquette and Protocol for the

Ada Ledesma Mabilangan

Winner, National Book Award, Special Interest, 1997

“This book goes beyond ‘how-to’ to indicate ‘why’ and ‘so what.’ It alludes to our innate hospitality, to our other-orientedness, to our wish to make guests experience the warmth of family and friendship. It suggests ways to use native accessories and customs to beautify tables and party settings, and also to express Filipino aesthetics. Finally it advocates that native courtesy be expressed in Filipino ways, so that social occasions may also be explorations and discoveries of our culture.”— Doreen Fernandez, in the foreword

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 1997

ISBN: 971-270-574-9
249 pages

Environment and Natural Resources Atlas of the Philippines

Gregorio Magdaraog

Winner, National Book Award, Environment, 1998

The Environment and Natural Resources Atlas of the Philippines presents the country as a unique ecological community of highly diverse flora and fauna, a haven of rare and endemic species, and a depository of rich mineral resources. The maps here feature the natural qualities of the earth and show how much man and nature have changed them. This atlas also imparts to the reader some basic knowledge of related science and technology.

Quezon City: Environment Center of the Philippine FOundation, 1998

ISBN: 971-918-893-6
395 pages

Erick Slumbook: Paglalakbay Kasama ang Anak Kong Autistic

Fanny Garcia

Co-Winner, National Book Award, Biography / Autobiography, 2004

“Fanny A. Garcia’s work is a major contribution to Philippine writing. It is not only creative writing, it is a humanitarian document as well, being an account of a mother’s efforts to bring up a special child cast in the form of a popular “scrapbook” that a creative sensibility has transformed into an absorbing narrative with its own characters vividly drawn from real life.”—Bienvenido Lumbera, Ph.D.

Pasig City: Anvil Publishing, 2004

ISBN: 971-271-439-X
275 pages

Eros, Thanatos, Cubao: Mga Piling Katha

Tony Perez

Winner, National Book Award, Fiction, 1994

This book is composed of two parts: Eros and Thanatos, bound back-to-back. The people of Eros search for health, love, and safety. They are always smiling and willing to help others. Meanwhile, the people of Thanatos search for the fascination of mystery and the challenge of danger and adventure. They love deserted places, full moons, woods, thunder and lightning, and storms and rain, and are fascinated by peril and insanity.

Mandaluyong City: Cacho Publishing House, 1994

ISBN: 971-190-160-9
114 pages


Jun Cruz Reyes

Winner, National Book Award, Fiction, 2000

Ito ay kuwento ng mga taong laging nasa laylayan lamang ng kapangyarihan. Mga minorya sila noong panahon ng Kastila. Mga ilustrado na alanganing Indio o Filipino, o lider kaya ng kulto. Kuwento rin ito ng mga taong may kapansanan sa katawan. Sila na hindi maganda o buo sa pamantayan ng “normal” na lipunan. Sila na salat sa pinag-aralan, at salat sa kabuhayan. Silang namumundok pa rin hanggang sa ngayon sa paghahanap ng laya. Silang nagsusulat para may makausap. Noon at ngayon, sila ang mga etsa-puwera, kabahagi ng lipunan, pero laging tinatapakan.

Quezon City: University of the Phillipines Press, 1998

ISBN: 971-542-232-2
409 pages

Everyday Warriors: The Faces and Stories of Breast Cancer

Jay Lara, Cathy Paras-Lara

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Inspirational, 2010

No data

Manila: University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, 2010