Types of Awards
The National Book Development Board (NBDB) proudly presents a showcase of the Philippine book industry’s best products - the award-winning books. These books received honors from the country’s esteemed book award-giving bodies. Browse this section to discover the best books the country has to offer.

National Book Awards is given every year by the NBDB and the Manila Critics Circle (MCC) to the best books written, designed, and published in the country. Subscribing to a high level of integrity, a book written or edited by a member is ineligible to win a National Book Award. However, members of the MCC who publish books receive Member’s Awards.

The NBDB and MCC also gives Special Awards to outstanding publishers or publishing projects while Citations are given for outstanding achievement in special categories.

MCC is an organization of professional literary critics and newspaper columnists. The group started the prestigious awards in 1982.

Starting 2008, the organization, administration and facilitation of the National Book Awards transferred from the MCC to the NBDB.

Gintong Aklat (or Golden Book) Awards is conferred biennially by the Book Development Association of the Philippines (BDAP) to the best books judged for all-around excellence. Books are subjected to close scrutiny by three professional panels in book manufacture and judged on the quality of design, printing, and binding, and the significance of content and quality of writing. To qualify for an award, book entries must merit an excellent rating in each aspect of bookmaking. Contest entries are divided over several subject categories—literature, social science, religion, the arts, natural science, trade, textbook, and children’s book.

Dedicated to the development of the book industry and the promotion of Filipino books, BDAP, incorporated in 1980, is the force behind the country’s celebrated annual Manila International Book Fair.

BDAP is made up of the country’s top printers, publishers, authors, booksellers, editors, book designers, exporters, importers, and other key players in the industry. The association established the Gintong Aklat Awards in 1981.

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